Government Courses

Indian Rescue Academy is the most sought-after training for Government forces. Our force development vertical works towards capacity building and advanced training programs for the following departments:

  1. Central Forces and CAPFs
  2. Police & SDRF
  3. Fire and Rescue Services
  4. Home Guards/Civil Defence
  5. Fisheries
  6. Forest

Our training has been specifically created to replicate real world scenarios with adequate emphasis on theory, practical knowledge simulated by emergency response activities and scenarios. Training is internationally recognized and certification is provided through iRescue, our in house training and certification software which also assists with skill matrix development needed for deployment planning

Industrial Courses

If an accident happens in the workplace, home and any other place you cannot be a helpless witness, since just standing by can potentially worsen the situation. This is why it is important to have a basic knowledge of first aid. First Aid is the initial help given to a victim of injury or illness. Comprised of relatively simple techniques that can be performed with basic equipment, first aid is usually carried out by a lay person until professional medical assistance arrives.

First aid training programs allow the company to tailor training to your place of work, financial capability, current risk management strategy, and manufacturers in which they operate. For example, a first aid program for a large office will differ from a program for a construction firm. Adopting the first aid training means you can ensure the program is current, efficient, and focused on the requirements of the business.
It is important to note that the main expense when opting for first aid training is the right provider and training course. The number of assemblies and participants depends entirely on workplace and number of employees. Many companies will designate two or four employees on a floor or within a sector to receive the training. If you consider the financial effects of workplace injuries providing training for everyone will reduce accident and severity having a greater financial impact in the long run.
Further, Employee morale is an essential part of any business. High morale leads to positive attitudes, and positive attitudes lead to positive outcomes. The happiness and wellbeing of your employees will help you build a healthy relationship, ultimately resulting in a better working environment. First aid and CPR training will assist in ensuring employee health and safety in addition to enhanced wellbeing and morale.

School and Education Institution

‘The need for First Aid and Emergency Response Knowledge in schools is extremely important. Multiple children have lost their lives due to incapability of the teacher to respond and conduct a simple act such as remove choking or perform CPR. Training in First Aid and Lifesaving among caregivers and school teachers works towards inculcating safety consciousness and learning lifesaving skills for support post accidents as the only way to control the massive loss of life. Every organization, especially schools with a Duty of Care needs to build capacity to respond to incidents. The Cost of an Accident at the ‘Education’ Workplace is an ‘Iceberg Problem’ for any Private or Public Institution. The ancillary and unseen costs to brand, reputation and progress far outweigh the direct costs of accident management. As part of a long-term plan, every organization must train their staff in First Response to save lives of children and add to the overall growth of the organization. Even Insurance Companies will regularly reinforce the need for workplace safety training as a means to long term safeguarding.’

Australian Lifesaving Academy

We conduct training courses on a regular basis. Our public programs are conducted directly by us or through our training partners across the country. These public programs are primarily conducted around CPR, First Aid and Lifesaving Themes. We are also able to conduct training for learner groups by booking a full training course with us.

The training is conducted as per ISO 9001:2015 standards and certified by Australian Lifesaving Academy, New South Wales the training branch of Surf Life Saving New South Wales. SLSNSW is a member of the International Lifesaving Federation and the largest member of Surf Life Saving Australia.

Our public training programs lead to pathways in careers as Lifeguards, Safety Inspectors and Auditors. On completing your training, we can put you through a placement program which will provide you with latest opportunities in these careers.

Leadership and Outbound Training

None can rival the exotic location and forces themed atmosphere and other facilities such as bunjee jumping and scuba diving setup that IRA have as the most complete and ideal corporate outbound destination for your teams. Team building activities that are provoking and different, and activities which your team has “never come across” is what you can expect when you reward your team with a corporate outing at Indian Rescue Academy, Kolad.

Our exquisite programmes are staged a most ideal destination for a memorable corporate outing. Only a short drive from Mumbai or Pune, with a mix of work and play, these is where you can galvanize your team and reward them with a unique training experience that inspires and increases productivity in equal measure.