Telangana equips teams with Advanced Flood Response Training

The State of Telangana, especially Hyderabad has been regularly hit with some of the worst flood like situations in the past 5 years. In Hyderabad alone, floods claimed multiple lives and destroyed properties in the city.

Seeing this, Telangana State Disaster Response and Fire Services have selected Indian Rescue Academy to undertake training of their emergency responders in advanced disaster response skills. The first batch of the training commenced on 14th to 30th September at the Fire Services and Civil Defence Training Institute and Mid Manair Dam, Karim Nagar.  

The ARFC training program contains aspects of advanced waterman-ship techniques, rescue boat handling, rope rescue and risk management.

“They have planned the AFRC training as a follow on of the Basic Flood Rescue program that was successfully completed in 2021. The students are undergoing the training to be eventually deployed around the State as a Quick Response Team for Floods” said Ankit Wagh, CEO of Indian Rescue Academy.

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Ankit Wagh
Chief Executive Officer

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