NDRF Trained at Indian Rescue Academy, Kolad in SAR Deep Diving Training.

A team of 40 trainees were deputed to Indian Rescue Academy, Kolad for training in SAR Deep Diving Course. The training course was scheduled to be conducted over a period of 43 days and curriculum to be followed as per the proposed plan of NDRF. 

Major highlights of the training program included the students being taught Riverine Diving at 18 – 20 Mts at Dolval Dam location at Kolad, Night diving training operations conducted with every diver recording at least 3 – 5 total night diving hours during the course, Underwater video filming and incident data base recording trained to the students using Go Pro Underwater Cameras, Sea Diving conducted at 24 mts depth at a total distance of 10 Nm from shore to increase confidence and capability of the students. Students were extremely encouraged and by this activity which was completed with utmost alacrity, zeal and confidence. Additionally the skills taught included underwater communication using nonverbal techniques, buddy breathing, buddy support, equipment maintenance and refilling of scuba cylinders, diving sickness and safety etc. 

CEO of Indian Rescue Academy stated, the need for the NDRF was obvious and important, a detailed training program was developed, trainers from Indian Navy were recruited to train the students upto the standards of Naval Diving School, Kochi and a multiple experiences were developed for the students so that they can undertake their future missions with confidence and commitment. 

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Ankit Wagh
Chief Executive Officer

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